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Hey, look! Art!

I had chocolate today. How's your life going?

Anyways, here's my to-do list...

Draw Things (Random. Also, you can commission me!!)

I'm probably forgetting something, so if I am, please tell me!


Character Ref Sheet
-Full Character with Colorings and Accessories
-Shading is included.
-Will design backround for an extra five points (your choice)
-Name of character on drawing is optional
-If no design backround, choose between transparent, or a solid color of your choice

Basic Animal Character Drawing
Comes with.....
-Full body drawing (although, doesn't have to be)
-Shading Included
-Backround of Choice
-Any extras are five points
-Choose a drawing style from any of my pictures


Why the heck does one need a description for the favorites? I DON'T UNDERSTANDDDDDD
Well, I suppose I could just leave it blank, but it's all good



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Hi there!
I found a bunch of short stories I had to do for a weekly grammar thingy, and a lot of them are pretty decent, so I decided to put them here!
As some of them contained names and places of my other life (the non-online one) I have changed them to fit my purposes.



Spatula Conspiracy

On January 11th, 2013, a weird report came in from Champps restaurant, in Shinyfluff, Unicornia's capital. Echo, some of her classmates, and Mrs. Cass were involved in this. Miss Echo has given us an exclusive story about what happened;

  “I was going to Champps with some of my friends and Mrs. Cass, who helps in our class. Jay was paging through the newspaper, searching for the horoscopes.
  “Hey, this is weird.” she commented. “It appears there are strange lights hovering above Earth.”
  Swag looked out the window and nodded. “I see them. Do you see them, Android?”
  Android nodded. “I see them, too. How about you, Muffin?”
  Muffin looked up from eating her corn dog. “Yeah, I see it, too! They’re so weird!”
  I stared, stricken, at the sky. I knew what was happening immediately. “Spatulas!” I gasp.
  The entire table, consisting of Muffin, Storm, Android, Jay, The Shadow, Swag, Strudels, Kitty, Icey, Popeye, Banana, Zinc, and Gem gaped at me.
  “I knew you were insane.” Gem sighed.
  Strudels, on the other hand, was freaking out. “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!”
  Kitty and Icey were hugging a giant stuffed unicorn. The Shadow was reading the Hunger Games, Popeye was having a straight face contest with Swag, and Banana was doodling on her napkin.
  For some unknown reason, Mrs. Cass was laughing maniacally. “Haha!” She ran outside.
  I stared after her, and then cleared my throat. “Banana, fetch the telescope. Swag, start preparing the quadrants of the four-sided defensive triangle. Popeye, find a thermometer, we need to measure the geothermal temperatures, they might help reinforce our FSDT.” I commanded. The three nodded, ran off and did their jobs. The rest of us grabbed steak knives, put frying pans on our heads and prepared for war.

  Gem licked her finger and stuck it in the air. “The thermal wind is blowing to our advantage.” she reported. I took the temperature with the thermometer Jayden had brought. “Storm, get out the land mines. Set some up in these places.” I motioned at assorted spots around the lawn. It would reinforce the FSDT. Storm set down her thermos of acid she carried around for emergencies, and got to work on the land mines. I lifted my telescope, and saw the spatulas hurtling towards Earth. Gem held up a speedometer to register how fast they were traveling. It read, 1,0283934.7 kilometers per hour.. One landed right in front of us. It started speaking spatula-speak to Mrs. Cass, and to our surprise, she replied in Spatulan! “She’s a traitor!” Android yelled, waving his frying pan. menacingly. We all retreated to the FSDT, and The Shadow, Muffin, Gem, and I guarded the perimeter.” Echo stopped being able to speak after this, and mumbled about a microscope....

The Unicornia Times

Youth Writing Awards

The Unicornia Times recently held a creative writing contest. The winner was Steven, who submitted this wonderful story.

  One cold, stormy night, some dark silhouettes slipped inside a dark building with the bright red, glowing letters “AMC” spelled across the top. They were greeted by the noise of an aggressive tractor, screaming guests, and an abrupt power loss.
  “It is true!” Echo exclaimed. “The Rogue Tractor is here!” All that could be seen through the darkness was her wide eyes.
  “Well, what exactly are we going to do about it?!” Muffin yelled over the screeching of the Rogue Tractor, which skidded across the floor. The tires had really bad traction, probably because they were made for Rogue-Tractorish reasons.
  “Eat popcorn!” replied The Shadow, as a figure in a long black cloak swept into the building, and was only recognized by Echo.
  “Oh, no, just as you think nothing can get worse, VOLDEMORT  has to arrive!” she screamed. “DUCK AND COVER!”
Everyone in the theater ran to a hiding spot, and Voldemort let out a chilling laugh.
  “Puny Muggles!” he called. “You hide from Lord Voldemort, only delaying your death! Unless you’re a pureblood. Then I can promote you to Death Eater!”
  “Is he seriously trying to motivate us to join the Death Eaters?” Muffin whispered disdainfully.
  “And I though Harry Potter was fake!” grumbled Gem, who was glaring at The Shadow, who was munching loudly on his popcorn.
  “Harry Potter being real just became your best asset!” Echo called, pulling a wand out of her back pocket. “I’ll distract him. You get the others out, and don’t disrupt my spellwork!”
With that, she pointed her wand at the ceiling, and yelled, “Lumos!” The spell caused light to erupt from the lights among the walls and ceilings. She was attempting to interrupt the destruction of the theater, but all it did was attract the tractor.
  Gem, The Shadow, and Muffin hustled the guests out, and soon, a ragged Echo appeared from the entrance, her long brown hair smoking. There was a scent of burnt rubber, and one of the Rogue Tractor’s wheels rolled out after her. The storm continued to rumble, and a black figure appeared above them.
  “This isn’t the last of me, Shinyfluff!” Voldemort yelled, disappearing to some forsaken place.

We praise Steven for her wonderful work.

Note from Steven- I know, its weird to see random handwriting on your newspaper, but I HAD to warn you....

These events were TRUE. Voldemort is coming for us. Prepare yourselves.

Echo will protect you for as long as she can........

Until then, good luck, my friends.....


PS. Do not forget these sacred words; progress, motion, detract and emoticon. They just.....matter....


  One day, Mrs. Lozenge-Muffins, a very good teacher, was walking in the park, when suddenly, she was picked up by a tractor beam! This was such an influx to her used-to-be peaceful night, she forgot to yell for help. It occurred to her that the spaceship looked awfully like a banana. The inside of the ship, when she arrived there, was more tech-y, with tubes of fluid, and lots of computers. There were also two strange people having a conversation.
  “You must reduce the amount of pressure on the Kertadofgiel.” said one person to a chair with something sitting in it.
  “I know that.” replied the something. “Although, it appears the consequence is we picked up a human.”
  “WHAT?” exclaimed the other person, whipping around to see Mrs. Lozenge-Muffin standing there.
  “Name yourself!” said the other person.
  “Calm down, Frederick von Steepleface.” drawled the chair-voice. “It’s just a human. We’ll just have to perform an inverse operation.” it turned around, revealing itself to be a dog-looking thing.
  “Who are you?” Mrs. Lozenge-Muffin asked.
  “That’s Frederick von Steepleface, that’s This Man, and I’m Fang, of Nifigologol.” replied Fang the Dog-Looking-Thing.
“I’m Mrs. Lozenge-Muffin, of Earth.” replied Mrs. Lozenge-Muffin.
  “We have to get back to our planet, ASAP.” This Man said. The spaceship began moving, this time in reverse, the banana was facing a different way.
  “It tends to fluctuate in it’s direction.” explained Fang. “It doesn’t have a conductor, so we can’t control it too well.”
  “You could always deduct the Asdelkafer.” suggested This Man.
“No, that wouldn’t work.” Fang replied. Mrs. Lozenge-Muffin was very interested in the ship, and listened as the crew tried to educate her on the workings of the ship. Suddenly, there was a tug on the Banana-Ship, and they began plummeting downwards towards a planet.
  “No! Not the Quarklemips!” yelled Fang worriedly. As they got closer, they realized they were headed towards a pool of lava! The entire cabin started screaming.




The Case of the Secret Book

(before knowledge of Spatulas)

  My name’s Herman, and I’m a Unicorn. One day, me and my friends, Pinky, Fluffy and Cupcakes, were going to the library. We walked into the library, and went to separate sections. I went to the section with the Glitterwar Legends, Pinky went to the bibliographies of famous Sparklecreators, Fluffy went to the section where there are books that instruct on the Modification of Hoof Color, (she had been looking towards neon rainbow sparkles instead of the usual rainbow sparkles) and Cupcakes went to the illegible scribble painting section, though they must have been legible to her as she was staring at them intently. 
  There was a huge crashing noise, and a call of “Hey, guys! Get over here!” Pinky was standing in front of a moderate-sized hole in the library wall.
  “Hey, Pinky? I don’t think you can
legally punch holes in library walls, even if it was accidental.” Fluffy said nervously on her newly neon-rainbow sparkly hooves. I had purple sparkly hooves.
  “Well, that doesn’t matter!” Pinky said cheerily. “Lets go inside!”
  “Yeah, in all the modern movies- or are they old?- the holes in the library have cool things in them!” exclaimed Cupcakes.
  “Well, that may be a quick judgement, you may have even completely misjudged, but that’s alright, I guess. Lets go!” I say, leaping in.
  “Don’t bore us with boring words!” said Pinky, following, with Fluffy and Cupcakes close behind.
  “Woah!” exclaimed Fluffy. “Look at that!”
  There, sitting on a golden pedestal, was a large, sparkly, rainbow book! It was titled, “Large Sparkly Rainbow Book of Epicosity!”
  Closer examination proved it to be a hidden wealth of knowledge about a hidden enemy known as...Spatulas. They posed a huge threat to Unicornia and all its inhabitants, including the unicorns stuck on Earth and other planets. But we must keep this Secret Book, well, secret.
  Now, with this book in our arsenal, my friends and I are preparing for a Great War with the Spatulas. Not like, good, great, but Really Really Big and Bad, great. Though, we still must watch out for the narwhals........

Are you considering a career as a Unicorn Trainer?

    My name is Echo, and I am a dedicated Unicorn Trainer. Unicorn Trainers train unicorns that go to the Pretty Pony Stables. Possible UTs must be multilingual or bilingual, fluent in English, Unicornian, and learning the language of Sparklee and/or Nyang is optional. You do not have to remember much, or have a good memory, but you do have to memorize some things. Some unicorns are very vocal with their inappropriate slang words, so if they use them too much, you should revoke their rainbow privileges for a day. We also need Unicorn Trainers who also know psychology or are psychiatrists, for some unicorns.

So if you think you are a worthy advocate to be a Unicorn Trainer, call 777-777-SPARKLES or email today!

Also, never use these words around unicorns: vocation, memento, and memorabilia.

  One day, Doctor Pepper was on a plane to the Bahamas when her plane crashed on a deserted island. Suddenly, all the passengers that were also on the plane spontaneously combusted, leaving Jenny all on her own. The island Doctor was stranded on was desolate and she was unhappy to have to survive solo. Then, a tragedy occurred. Jenny lost her flip flop.

  To survive, Doctor realized she would have to either a. isolate herself from civilization and get used to a life of solitude, or b. eat her arm. She opted for choice b.

  “Well, now I am missing an arm.” said Doctor sadly as stood there with the blood draining out of her arm. “I wish I had a medic, with some medicine, because this kind of hurts. Just kind of. It is a strange sensation, not having an arm.

  Unfortunately, she had not taken Remedial Herbs in school, so she would have to try to remedy herself with some poisonous mushrooms.

  It turns out the poisonous mushrooms were actually not poisonous mushrooms but magical mushrooms, in which Doctor received telepathy. She used her newfound powers to send out a help message, when she realized the plane was full of food, still had electricity, and a radio was asking where they were. Doctor executed an exemplary facepalm and ate some Skittles while she waited for help. The end.

A Day In The Life of Lemon Lennon the Clock Pendulum

Hello. My name is Lemon Lennon but you can call me Lemon Lennon. I am a Clock Pendulum. I am under a lot of pressure right now. It is because my oppressive master says I am impure. He says he must purge me of my impurity using a purification process involving impressively-patterned polkadotstripeplaidstarryclownface suspenders and a shiny pendant that will replace me during this process. It it causing me to fall into a deep depression. Figuratively and literally, because master just threw me into a depression in the ground with a pair of suspenders. I feel the impurity being sapped from my brass body. I feel a bit confused, because a bomb has just landed perpendicular to the suspenders. The suspenders suspend it in mid air, but do not diffuse it. Then bomb explodes, and I die. I suppose I was not pure enough. The end.

Presenting: The Unicornian Mop!

  Hi! My name is Cupcakes, Strudels’s unicorn. I’m here to advertise this new product- the Unicornian Mop! It is incredibly beneficial to a house- or, if you like more confusing-ish words, it is a benefactor. Or maybe this is a benediction? That word sounds like benedict....isn’t that a type of egg dish? Well, no matter, let’s just postpone this rant until a more convenient time....

  Well, anyways, the Unicornian Mop is a sparkly pink mop, that wipes up spills 100% more than normal mops! It is immune to malaria, because humans continue to get strange diseases like that. The anterior of the mop is a bright lime green, imbued with new GlitterClean technology. The posterior is a deep purple, and has water soaker-thingies, that make sure water doesn’t stay on your floor, and whatever you are trying to clean. There is no chance of malfunction, as some might think. The Unicornian Mop was released antebellum to the Epical War, was discontinued, and undiscontinued postbellum. Some malicious people wanted to discontinue it again (They are so full of malice!) but we turned those dismal weirdos down.

  You can find the Unicornian Mop at any GlitterBazaar around. It’s only twenty UB! (Unicornian Bucks) Here’s what Herman says about it-

  Herman: It’s an amazing mop. I totally think you should buy it

  So, buy an Unicornian Mop today!

Echo’s Diary- 04-03-13- The Spatulas Invade Math Class

Today, I was in math class with my friends Doctor, Android, and Kitty, when we heard a loud clanking noise. We had been in the middle of working on things like equivalent or equilateral or unequal polygons or something of that sort. I wasn’t really listening.
  So, back to the story; a miniscule eye appeared under the door. It’s iris expanded, appearing to be taking a magnification of the room, and it slithered under the door.
  “What was that?” Android asked.
  Kitty shuddered. “It was gross.” Mr. Wig had stopped talking about linear equations, and was staring at the door.
  “It was a spatula eye!” I gasped. I grabbed my emergency pickaxe from my math folder, and hoisted it over my back.
  Doctor and Kitty picked up frying pans, and Android wielded a pair of scissors.
“Everyone duck!” I called, as the door exploded. Many spatulas stood menacingly in the debris.
  “Alright, these things are omnivores, so if one takes a chunk out of your leg, don’t be surprised! They might be tamed by salad, though.” Doctor warned. My three friends and I sprung at the spatulas, who were holding an assortment of weapons- from a magnificent shiny silver sword to a bright yellow minnow tank. The minimum of the evil cooking utensils had to be at least twenty! But my friends and I had trained for this, and they were soon subdued. Unfortunately, Mr. Wig went straight back to math. That was my day! ~Echo

The Unicorn Times


Sparkle: Hello, Unicorn Times! I’d like to introduce myself- my name is Sparkle, and I am interviewing my older brother, Herman! He is well known in Unicornia as one of the Fab Four and the Unicorn Companion of Queen Brynn, and I also interact with the Queen a lot. He also has an interesting internet-

Herman: Sorry to interrupt, Sparkle, but shouldn’t we start?

Sparkle: Oh, right. Well, another quick fact about Herman- he and the Queen are somewhat interdependent on each other. He also tends to have intrapersonal arguments with himself.

Herman: SPARKLE!

Sparkle: Okay, okay! Although, under this circumstance I think I should be able to share facts. I have heard some unicorns gossiping about how you are an introvert. Are these rumours true?

Herman: Of course not! I am very careful not to be self-obsessed, like some unfortunate unicorns are.

Sparkle: Okay, next time I’ll be sure to interfere in the conversations. Next question: non-interactive or interactive exhibits at museums?

Herman: Definitely interactive. I liked that one where you could calculate the circumference of a dodecagon!

Sparkle: Awesome! WHAT IS THAT? AGGGGGG-

At this point, Unicornia was thrown into a zombie apocalypse. The end.

Well, that was interesting. Evidently my brain was (and still is) full of unicorns, and spatula uprisings.
They will happen, I'm telling you.

Anywhom, I hoped you liked these extremely normal stories!

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